Attempting to create a world record is something that has to be regulated by an independent adjudicator. The office of Mr. Marco Breitenmoser, in Geneva, will ratify it. As a consequence, certain rules must be respected and costume requirements met.

To assist you, the following are included in the CHF 15.- entrance fee (see entrance fee):

  • A cane;
  • A black bowler hat;
  • A moustache.

These items will be given to you when you arrive, on April 16, if you are in possession of the "1st Anniversary Special Ticket".

To supplement these items, you will need to bring:

  • Trousers (black/ gray, preferably oversized)
  • A suit jacket (black/ gray);
  • A shirt (white, with buttons and collar);
  • A pair of shoes (black/ gray).

Feel free to liven up your costume with a waistcoat, a tie, etc. Be creative–as long as it’s in the spirit of Charlie Chaplin!

Long hair? Remember to tie your hair in a bun under the bowler hat, and hide as much of it as possible if you have fair hair. 

If you still entertain some doubts...


If a costume is not considered to abide by the regulations, the adjudicator reserves the right to deny access to the contest, and to the Easter egg hunt.