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Photo credits :

Chaplin photo credits © Roy Export SAS and Roy Export Co. Ltd.
©Domaine du Manoir de Ban SA
©Pierre Boss for Domaine du Manoir de Ban SA
©Stanislas Liban
©S.Giraud for Presswall
©Marc Ducrest
©Christophe Recoura

The Chaplin family at Manoir de Ban, 1964, © Archives Yves Debraine
Charlie Chaplin at the Palais de la Mutualité, Paris, 1959, © Photo Sabine Weiss
Chaplin at his desk in the Manoir de Ban, Vevey, 1958, ©Yves Debraine
Charlie Chaplin with Elsa and Albert Einstein at the premiere of the film City Lights, Los Angeles, 1931, © anonyme Heritage Images
Charlie Chaplin and Sofia Loren, Press conference, Savoy Hotel, London, 1965, © Norman Hargood
The Chaplin family in the garden of the Manoir de Ban, Vevey, 1957, © Yves Debraine