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Le studio de Chaplin's World


An immersive, fun experience for all ages, transporting you into the timeless world of Charlie Chaplin.

the Studio


Immerse yourself in the magical world of cinema! Discover the incredible sets of legendary films in the Studio, and explore the fascinating behind-the-scenes world of filmmaking. It's an unforgettable experience for children and film fans of all ages! A unique venue designed to transport you to the iconic sets of Chaplin's films, inspired by his childhood in London.

You'll find a host of settings perfect for souvenir photos, as well as the chance to discover Chaplin's humanist values. What's more, thanks to the archival treasures preserved by those close to him, you can admire photos, filming documents and press articles that reveal the secrets of his creative genius, as well as his precious Oscars and the original Tramp costume. An immersive experience not to be missed!

The Studio -  The Cinema


A 10-minute screening of Chaplin's life and work.

Chaplin's Worldâ ¢, Corsier-s-Vevey, Switzerland,  © 2016 Marc Ducrest for Bubbles Incorporated

Easy Street

East Lane, Chaplin's childhood street, had a profound influence on his career, and in particular on the film ‘The Kid’.

The Studio - The Circus

The circus

The art of pantomime with the most emblematic scenes from silent cinema and the celebrities who were inspired by Chaplin.

Des enfants jouent dans le Studio de Chaplin's World

Silence, action!

The secrets behind Chaplin's films, which revolutionised the world of cinema.

The Studio -  The Barbershop - The Great Dictator

The great Dictator - the barbershop

This film is arguably Chaplin's most daring work, and includes behind-the-scenes footage.

The Studio -  Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood boulevard

A boulevard that retraces all of Chaplin's films and where you can discover The Tramp's original costume.

Chaplin's Worldâ ¢, Corsier-s-Vevey, Switzerland,  © 2016 Marc Ducrest for Bubbles Incorporated

The Restaurant

The myriad facets of the theme of food, combined with a Vagabond ready to do anything to access it.

The Studio - Chaplin and the Law

chaplin and the law

Little Charlot, a rebellious maverick who ends up in a police station.

The bank

Money and poverty are recurring themes in his films. You can play the banker!


The treasure room

Chaplin's most emblematic and precious objects, such as his Oscars and screenplays.

Des enfants jouent dans le Studio de Chaplin's World


A music hall scene where The Tramp was born and that Chaplin never ceased to bring to the screen.

welcome to the studio!

about the studio

  • Original and unique objects
  • Immersive settings
  • Fun and interactive
  • A 1,350m2 course

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