What are cookies?


Cookies are small text files, “trackers”, which are collected and read during your browsing (e.g.: reading e-mails, a website or a mobile application) stored on your device, regardless of the model or type (e.g.: computer, smartphone, tablet, video game console).


These files may contain various data such as session log-in, language, browsing history, etc. Cookies are mainly used to propose personalised content and advertising and to improve your browsing experience.


Cookies are collected and stored, based on your preference settings, for a period of 13 months after they are collected. However, you can delete them at any time.


What type of cookies are used when you browse this website?


Different types of cookies are used when you browse this website. Cookies may be placed by the company, Chaplin’s World, or administered by partners (e.g.: audience measurement solution editors or social networks).   The list of our partners is available <a href="">here </a> on the link on this subject.


Some cookies are essential for you to browse on the website and do not require your consent. We directly collect these cookies which help to:

    • Manage and secure your log-in details on the website;
    • Access some online services, such as confirming your shopping basket;
    • Measure performance on the website in order to identify browsing issues or arrange the display of content on the website, by proposing different versions of the website (test A/B)
    • Remember your preference settings and consent to the collection of non-mandatory cookies.


We need your consent to collect and read other cookies. These cookies are as follows:


  •  Functionality cookies which help to:
    • Adapt the website to your terminal’s display preference settings (language, currency, display resolution, operating system used, configuration and preference settings for web page display based on the terminal that you use and your location, etc.);
    • Remember some details that you enter on the website for the purpose of facilitating and personalising your next visits to the website (for example, showing your first name and last name if you have a user account and you have logged in);


  • Audience measurement and performance cookies help us to understand your experience on the website (most viewed pages, clickstream, content viewed, applications used, etc.) and process data collected on third-party websites. They enable us to carry out statistics, improve the interest and ergonomy of the website;


  • Advertising cookies which help to:
    • Provide you with targeted content that may interest you when you browse the internet in the future (better offers, other destinations, etc.) based on your interests, browsing history, preference settings, etc.; and, in particular, propose offers for our products and services adapted to your needs;
    • Restrict the number of times that an advertisement is displayed.

If you refuse advertising cookies, advertisements will continue to be displayed but will not be adapted to your interests.


  • Affiliation cookies help to identify the original third-party website that directed you to this website.


  • Connection cookies help to authorise us to access your details stored on third-party accounts if you wish to register quickly using your other accounts (e.g.: Facebook, Google, Apple).


  • Social media cookies give you the option to share and like information on our website and, vice versa, the relevant social networks to track your browsing on our website. We have no control over these cookies and we recommend that you read the social networks’ confidentiality policies (see information below).


Accepting, refusing and deleting cookies


On your first visit to our website, you will be asked to accept the collection and use of cookies. To this end, a central window will be displayed on our website asking you to accept cookies being collected or to set your preference settings (if you wish to change your preference settings or refuse all or part of these cookies). 


We inform you that refusing cookies may have a negative impact on your user experience on our website.  We consequently disclaim all liability for any consequences linked to such refusal, including in particular any failure to propose adapted content based on your browsing history and your preference settings.


Moreover, whatever preference settings you decide, you may at any time:

    • Change your preference settings via our <a href="">cookie management tool </a>  exclusively for cookies collected on our website;
    • And/or, delete cookies placed on your terminal via your browser. These preference settings will apply to your entire browsing experience on the internet.


Some useful information on your cookie preference settings in browsers:


Most browsers are set up by default to accept the use of cookies and trackers.  You can change these preference settings in order to select which cookies you accept to use, or refuse the use of cookies.  Preferences need to be set on each of your terminals (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).


The process for setting preferences and deleting cookies is different on each browser. The process is described in your browser’s help menu. Please find below the cookie preference settings for the most popular browsers:



We draw your attention to the fact that if you choose to delete all cookies on your terminal via your browser, we will no longer have information on your preference settings, and will be required to ask you to set up your preferences when you next access our website.  The same applies if you have a new browser or a new terminal.


Browsers are fully liable for the management of these preference settings and we cannot guarantee that they work correctly.


More information on preference settings, by purpose:


Browser preference settings are sometimes insufficient. If you prefer, you can adapt your preference settings, by targeting the purpose of each cookie: 


-             Audience measurement and performance cookies: Audience measurement and performance cookies are placed by third-party companies, but help us to improve our website, by making it simpler and more user-friendly.


 Please find below a link to page containing additional information on these solutions and showing you how to refuse audience measurement cookies: 


We draw your attention to the fact that if you choose to delete these cookies, we will lose access to important statistics which are necessary to improve the website and personalise your profile and interests. 


  • Advertising cookies: Our website does not contain any advertising space.  Therefore, data collected is mainly used to offer you adapted advertising on third-party websites which you visit, on the basis of data collected via the aforementioned audience measurement tools (the tools used are not the same for the two purposes). At the same time, several professional advertising platforms offer you the option to refuse or accept cookies used by company members. These centralised mechanisms do not block advertisements from being displayed but only prevent cookies from being placed in order to adapt advertising based on your interests.  For example, you can visit the website Your Online Choices in order to prevent cookies from being placed on your terminal.  This website is proposed by digital advertising professionals who are members of the European association, EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance), and is run in France by Interactive Advertising Bureau France. However, we cannot guarantee that this tool works correctly since it depends on the participation of advertising operators in this system. 


Please find below a link to page containing additional information on these solutions and showing you how to refuse advertising cookies :



  • Social network cookies: You will find redirect buttons on this website to pages which we publish on social networks.  If you have an account registered with these social networks, the latter can also monitor your browsing on our website.

For more information on how these social networks use cookies and how to set your account preferences, we recommend that you click on the following links:


  • We may also propose connection services provided by social networks or some internet operators (e.g.:  Facebook connect, Google connect, Apple Connect) in order to facilitate your registration and your purchases.  You can choose to use this function, which enables you, if you are an existing user of these services, to register on our website without having to enter your details, by granting us access to these details. For more information on sharing details and using these tools, we recommend that you click on the following links:
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Google


Lastly, we wish to inform you that numerous programmes exist that can be added to your browser to enable you to block or manage all types of cookies, such as Abine or Ghostery.


For more information on cookies and controlling cookie collection, you may also refer to the website published by the French Data Protection Authority [CNIL – Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés]: “Cookies: tools to control cookies





We may carry out amendments to this document. Any updates will be published on our website.


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