Chaplin's World


Embark on an extraordinary adventure across time and through the magical world of cinema. Prepare to be moved by one of the most surprising artists of the 20th century.


Discover a site dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, the artist and man.

Meet Charlie Chaplin, family man, in the Manoir; embark on a singular journey through the sets of his greatest films at our Hollywood-style Studio; take a peaceful walk in the gardens; and don't forget to round off your visit with a stopover at our shop before heading to our cafe-restaurant, The Tramp.
Get ready for an unforgettable experience!
  • The Manoir

    photo du Manoir au musée Chaplin's World
    Meet Charlie and Oona.

    Each room in this beautiful home speaks volumes about the family life of a legendary artist. Discover Chaplin's furnishings and personal belongings, testimony to an unusual childhood.
    Retrace the last 25 years in the extraordinary life of this cinematographic genius.
    The Manoir

    The Manoir

  • The Studio

    Get up close to the action.

    Enter our Hollywood-style studio and immerse yourself in the spectacular world of silent film.
    Rediscover Chaplin's legendary films and take a moving and fascinating journey through various eras and settings.
    From the fairground atmosphere of "The Circus" to the machinery of "Modern Times" to a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard, walk in the footsteps of the Tramp, and try your hand at a little pantomime!
    Aficionados and newcomers alike will experience a journey filled with excitement and emotion.
    The Studio

    The Studio

  • The Park

    photo du Parc au musée Chaplin's World
    An expansive park.

    Chaplin's home is located in the heart of an impressive ten-acre estate open to the public. Enjoy this slice of nature, with its superb, unobstructed views of Lake Geneva and the Alps all year round.
    The Park

    The Park


Chaplin's World

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