Since October 2020, Chaplin's World has been celebrating the 80th anniversary of one of Charlie Chaplin's most emblematic films: "The Great Dictator". To mark this commemoration, Chaplin's World and the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation have launched the #LETUSALLUNITE campaign: a worldwide human mural project to pay tribute to the film and bring together citizens of the world around the universal values of the artist.


With its 2,326 participants from 69 different countries, is Chaplin's World breaking a new world record after having gathered 662 Charlots in 2017 in front of Chaplin's former home?


The participants formed letters that were used by Swiss artist NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond to reproduce the entire final speech of "The Great Dictator", which is displayed until the end of the year on a 37-meter-long canvas installed on the entrance wall of Chaplin's World and on its website, making the work and the tribute accessible to all.