Boutique- Cuisine  Charlie Chaplin, museum



Located in the Chaplins’ former kitchen at the Manoir de Ban, the design of our new boutique is inspired by a 19th-century kitchen, with quintessentially British retro floral patterns. It features a wide range of vintage cooking utensils and culinary art items (aprons, tableware, etc.).

A pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds, assorted Cailler chocolates in Charlie Chaplin packaging will delight the most discerning chocolate lover. The Fémina, Ambassador and Frigor chocolate pralines are presented in boxes designed exclusively for the museum. It was an obvious choice to team up with this heritage brand, founded just a short walk from the Manoir almost 200 years ago. The partnership brings together two of the region’s icons, helping to expand their renown beyond local borders. Produced in Broc in the region of La Gruyère with milk from local IP-Suisse certified farms, Cailler chocolate will meet international visitors’ frequent demand for Swiss chocolate.

In April, 600,000 bees found a new home on the edge of the Manoir de Ban woods. The 20 hives can produce an average of 350 kilograms of honey per year, which will be sold in the boutique in 250-gram pots. The first harvest is set to take place in mid-July and will consist mainly of forest honey.