Sunday, June 18 at 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Celebrate Music Day with us !

The Montreux-Vevey-Riviera Conservatory presents a concert with the Pops and the Bass Band on the theme of the film "The Circus" by Chaplin.


This free concert will take place on the terrace of "The Tramp" restaurant, providing the perfect setting for you to enjoy the show in the sun or in the shade of the parasols. So you won't need a ticket to Chaplin's World to enjoy it.


Location: the terrace of "The Tramp" restaurant at Chaplin's World
With the support of the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation



"The Circus" is Chaplin's famous 1928 silent film. Falsely accused of criminal acts, the "Little Tramp", alias Charlie Chaplin, inadvertently takes refuge in a circus where his clumsy attempts to avoid the policemen chasing him earn him the laughter and applause of the spectators. Impressed, the circus director decides to employ him as a performer. Between being trapped in a lion's cage and taking part in clumsy escapes on a tightrope, he falls in love with a beautiful rider, who unfortunately only has eyes for a tightrope acrobat.

The focus will be on the most memorable melodies from "The Circus", and the concert will be illustrated with original photos from the film to give you a unique musical experience.