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temporary exhibition

Charlie Chaplin& Louis de Funès: mouvement & speech

from 01 may to 01 september 2024

Charlie Chaplin and Louis de Funès are two household names whose earnestly innocent comedy appeals to all audiences. They were part of the halcyon days of our youth. They made us laugh then as much as they do now. We share their same innocent joy with our children and elders alike. Their talent has spanned generations, touching our hearts and enshrining them as timeless icons of cinema.

« My greatest desire as an actor is to make films that bring laughter to children and parents alike in this all-too-bleak world. »

Louis de Funès, Interview RTBF, 1965

the exhibition

Charlie Chaplin and Louis de Funès were two cinematic giants, each closely tied to body and rhythm. Their approaches—one uniquely poetic, the other electrifyingly imitative—were able to express a myriad of emotions.   

Met with great success in Saint-Raphaël, the exhibition “Movement and Speech” shines a light on the diversity of their comic talents. It brings together over 300 photographs and archive items, as well as video extracts ddocumenting their legendary dances. 

Visitors will be greeted by a wax figure of Louis de Funès, on loan from the Musée Grévin, and another of Charlie Chaplin, alongside numerous pieces of memorabilia from both artists’ lives.

The immersive, interactive experience gives visitors a chance to move in step with the two artists’ iconic routines, the Hasidic dance from The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob and the mimed dance of Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times—and that’s no mean feat!

« Chaplin is real comedy.” »

Louis de Funès

the circuit

The “Movement and Speech” exhibition provides a unique opportunity to trace the lives of two of cinema’s greatest icons and to discover the common themes that united them.

Experience the legendary choreography of Charlie Chaplin and Louis de Funès as their figures come to life before your eyes, reacting to your own steps! Move and they move with you; dance and they dance with you!

This child-friendly tour invites visitors to follow the rhythms of these two cinematic geniuses.

Even little ones who have yet to see their films are bound to be familiar with their stories and faces. This exhibition promises unique mimicry, electrifying movements, iconic characters and plenty more!


  • The exhibition is included and accessible with the purchase of a valid Chaplin's World admission ticket.
  • You can visit the Studio, the Manoir, the Park and the new exhibition ‘Charlie Chaplin and Louis de Funès: mouvement and speech’ during the museum's opening hours.
  • From 1 May to 1 September 2024

guided tour « mouvement and speech »

In addition to the guided tour of the museum, you can add a guided tour of the temporary exhibition for an extra 30 minutes to discover anecdotes about the two figures. 

  • Price: CHF 60.– / guide 
  • Duration: 30 min.
  • Purchase conditions : en complément d’une visite guidée « Charlie Chaplin », sur réservation.