Child stars, exclusive testimonials

The tragic story of Jackie Coogan, the young hero of the film The Kid by Charlie Chaplin, stripped just before his majority by his mother and his stepfather, made the first child star, a martyr of the show business industry and a victim of the malice of people whose duty was to protect him.

His story gave birth to the Coogan Act, protecting the earnings and working conditions of children in show business. The Act has since impacted hundreds of lives.

To celebrate the centenary of the movie The Kid, some child stars have accepted, exclusively, to give us a unique testimony about their experiences as young actors and what binds them to Jackie Coogan and Chaplin.

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Corey started in publicity at age 3. After a small role in Gremlins, he got noticed in Friday the 13th : The Final Chapter, after what he earned his first lead : Mouth in Steven Spielberg's production The Goonies. Later his interpretation of Teddy in Stand by Me or Edgar in The Lost Boys will make him one of the most recognizable faces of the 80's-90's. Corey has since tens of credits.


It's in 1974, at age 12, that Alison got the iconic part of Nellie Oleson in the Little House on the Prairie. She'll interpret her for seven years. She has since made her way to theatre, especially in France and in French with the stand-up Confessions of a Prairie Bitch or more recently Nellie Oleson's treasure chest alongside French stage director Patrick Loubatière.

Her autobiography Confessions of a Prairie Bitch: How I Survived Nellie Oleson and Learned to Love Being Hated was published in 2010.



Just like Jackie Coogan, the unforgettable Giosué Orefice in Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni, won the hearts of the public at only five years old. Three years later, he appeared in Ridley Scott's Gladiator playing the protagonist's son, played by Russel Crowe.



His first steps on the screen took place in 1953, at the age of three, Jon obtained the role which would give him international fame four years later and which he would play for seven years, that of Timmy in the iconic Lassie series.


Mehdi started at 5 in the show Poly but his face will remain forever associated to Sebastien's, from the the show Belle and Sebastien, that he will portray from age 8. After various apparitions in movies and series, he came back in 2013 in the eponym movie of the show that made him famous.



Model from the age of 12 then ambassador for Disney France, she will record for them the single Mickey, Donald and me as well as several albums such as Elementary, my dear Baloo, Taram and the Magic Cauldron, Basil or even Bernard and Bianca.



Revealed in 1985, at the age of 16, in Rouge BaiserRed Kiss) where she plays opposite Lambert Wilson, Charlotte is nominated for the César for best female hope. She has played in dozen roles in cinema, television, theater or as a voice actress.